Publicerade i Giejo Magazine 🧡

Publicerade i Giejo Magazine 🧡

LÀs artikeln om oss som Àr publicerad i Giejo Magazine hÀr nedan. 
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Giejo Magazine Àr en Lifestyle online-tidning. Efter flera rekommendationer frÄn deras lÀsare presenteras vi nu i deras mÄnatliga Spotlight-sektion av tidningen dÀr de pratar om entreprenörer i syfte att inspirera andra.

Trevlig lÀsning!


Art for animals

We at Art for animals want to make a difference. All animals all over the world deserve a healthy and happy life! By offering uniquely hand drawn illustrations printed on home decor,  we can donate a portion of the profit through donations to animal rights organizations.

How it started

It all started with me (Sara Gullberg), wanting to do something extra that could help animals in need around the world. Since I’ve been supporting World Animal Protection Sweden for several years, it felt natural to try to find a way to help even more organizations.

The idea emerged during my trip in Australia where I started a portrait of our former dog Neela, an Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and have a huge interest in dogs and animals in general. Being able to combine those two passions is a dream I've had for a long time.

I then started to print my illustrations on products and built an e-com store and the company is today family-owned. It's not just about the product itself, but about the added value it creates. For every product sold, a portion is donated to animal rights organizations! Read about our donations 2022 here

Linen cushion covers - Pug & Perro de agua español


Our biggest challenge today is to change customers' awareness of consumption. With the current economic situation, low prices are in focus. Larger companies that mass produce products at a low price will always exist and nothing we can compare with. But we love challenges and hope that people choose products that are sustainable and that make a difference in the long term.

Linen totebag - French Bulldog             Poster - Irish Wolfhound


There are plenty of opportunities, and for us it has been more important to think about these than to focus on what feels impossible. If we can sell one single product that can contribute to one single animal being helped, then it is worth its weight in gold. But our hope is of course to be able to contribute so much more and at the same time spread love to our customers with a product we know they will love.

Metal tin - Boxer                                                      Poster - Jack Russell Terrier

Linen Cushion cover - Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Mug - Mastiff & Tote bag - Grand Danois


Believe in what you do and dare to take the plunge. Remember not to take too big steps, it takes time to build a business. Patience, passion and belief in what you do will take you far. Another important part is to dare to fail, from failures we gain knowledge. Use it.

One tip is to answer the question "Why should customers buy your product/service?" with 5 “whys”. Ex.

Why should they buy your product/service?



If you can answer the first question with 5 "whys", you know you have a thought through idea and a solid product.

We wish you all good luck

Best regards

Sara Gullberg & CO
Art for animals


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